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    Some dogs with von, von der, vom, etc in the name have been abbreviated to just the letter "v". Searching on Fraulein von Grandix may show no results - instead try Fraulein v Grandix. We are slowly adding this info, but we recommend searching on just part of the name until we can get all the names updated..

    Better results would be to search on just part of the name, such as Grandix. This will bring up all dogs with Grandix in their name.

    Avoid the use of apostrophe letters. Searching on Knight's Trooper II may show no results - insead try Trooper II.

    You can also search on color, registration number and by breeder's name (not all dogs have breeder info). Again, partial search terms work better with more results.

    Still can't find a dog or a dog is missing information? Check the Updates page frequently for new dogs and for updated information. Feel free to  contact us and we will try to help!

    (In an effort to keep the old bloodlines from being lost, this database was started back in 1996 with an emphasis on dogs from the early 1800's thru the 1960's. Some of the 80 & 90's have been entered. You won't find recent dogs, but you may find great-grandparents. It's always a work in progress! I admit it, I am a pedigree addict... and I passionately love the German Shepherd. It's important to know where we have been before moving forward. I hope you enjoy your journey thru time. Enjoy your search! - Julie)