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(F) AKC WA076014 3-61,
(S)   (D)
Nikki von Arreola
(F) AKC DL58223506 8-98, May 26, 1995 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Rosco vom Denkershauser Teich
(M) AKC DL70113908 4-99, Jul 16, 1997 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Rocky Fernandez IV
(M) AKC DL77076905, Dec 2, 1998 Black, Tan
(S) Rosco vom Denkershauser Teich   (D) Nikki von Arreola
Sams Queen Wolf
(F) AKC DL69440303 7-01, May 31, 1997 Black, Silver
(S)   (D)
Midnight Romance Magic Bear
(M) AKC DL61818608 8-98, Nov 29, 1995 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Rocky Bullwinkle Barrera
(M) AKC DN00895905, May 12, 2002 Black, Tan
(S) Midnight Romance Magic Bear   (D) Sams Queen Wolf
Pepa von Osterkamp
(F) AKC DL78336806 3-01, Mar 5, 1999 Black
(S)   (D)
My Mico's Maxximillion
(M) AKC DL62620510 11-98, Mar 11, 1996 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Robbins Infallible Miss Macy
(F) AKC DL90163102, Jan 9, 2002 Black, Tan
(S) My Mico's Maxximillion   (D) Pepa von Osterkamp
Katelynn Shadow Tye
(F) AKC DL59864903 1-03, Aug 23, 1995 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Sir Bandit Loving
(M) AKC DL65431906 6-98, Jul 22, 1996 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Robbie Joe's Jake Bey
(M) AKC DL91537602, Oct 29, 2002 Black, Tan
(S) Sir Bandit Loving   (D) Katelynn Shadow Tye
Ro-Ann's Springloaded Sassi OFA
(F) AKC DL86499302, Jan 19, 2001 White
(S) Vantasia Xpect the Unxpected   (D) Ro-Ann's Lady Dynahmite
Rin Tin Tins Xanadu
(F) AKC DL89373701, Jun 25, 2001 Grey
(S) Rin Tin Tins Oooh-Ahhh   (D) Hoofprint On the Move
Rin Tin Tins Max
(M) AKC DL66593101 12-00, Oct 14, 1996 Grey
(S)   (D)
Rin Tin Tin's Wizzard
(M) AKC DL84858003, Aug 16, 2000 Black, Silver
(S) Rin Tin Tins Max   (D) Rin Tin Tins Candace
Ridgeroad Coolhand Luke
(M) AKC DN03215605, Mar 25, 2003 Black, Red
(S) Tark vom Frolich Haus   (D) Titta von Bad-Boll
Miandra von Haus Tranquebar OFA
(F) AKC DL81258108 12-01, Nov 1, 1999 Black, Red
(S)   (D)
Nero vom Rossbergerland OFA
(M) AKC DL85503001 3-03, Jun 1, 1998 Black, Red
(S)   (D)
Rezzo Luna Della Cerza OFA
(M) AKC DL91779504, Aug 16, 2002 Black, Red
(S) Nero vom Rossbergerland   (D) Miandra von Haus Tranquebar
Rex Ditcina Dvora
(M) AKC DL89446806, Nov 9, 2001 Black
(S) Bary z Ditcina Dvora   (D) Dakotah vom Busecker Schloss
Stormin Princess Jones
(F) AKC DL59069805 3-97, May 26, 1995 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Lett's Bear
(M) AKC DL39551108 3-93, Sep 27, 1991 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Rex Beasley
(M) AKC DL77431408, Jan 11, 1999 Black, Tan
(S) Lett's Bear   (D) Stormin Princess Jones
Little Sugar Sandra Lace
(F) AKC DL58001508 9-96, May 4, 1995 Sable
(S)   (D)
Zachary Pernell Coltrane OFA
(M) AKC DL40264201 1-94, Oct 24, 1991 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Reo Coltrain Bernard OFA
(M) AKC DL64025509, Jun 4, 1996 Sable
(S) Zachary Pernell Coltrane   (D) Little Sugar Sandra Lace
Patton's Dutches of Triple P
(F) AKC DL78580003 1-01, Apr 21, 1999 Black, Silver
(S)   (D)
Upton's Vom Dom Baron Patton
(M) AKC DL49328506 1-01, Aug 21, 1993 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Reno Renegade Spence Ferguson
(M) AKC DL86417210, Jan 8, 2001 Black, Tan
(S) Upton's Vom Dom Baron Patton   (D) Patton's Dutches of Triple P
Renee's Brandy
(F) AKC DL87785705 6-02, Jun 1, 2001 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Renees Gracie
(F) AKC DL90618301, Mar 17, 2002 Black, Silver
(S) Renee's Conan the Barbarian   (D) Renee's Brandy
Renee's Trudy
(F) AKC DL61440807 10-97, Dec 24, 1995 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Renee's Conan the Barbarian
(M) AKC DL70865104 4-99, Sep 15, 1997 White
(S)   (D)
Renee's Heath
(M) AKC DL77349904, Jan 11, 1999 Black, Cream
(S) Renee's Conan the Barbarian   (D) Renee's Trudy
Morgan Creek's Callula
(F) AKC DL50363701 3-97, Oct 21, 1993 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Ch (AKC) Pilgrim's Big Jake
(M) AKC DL39392501 8-94, Aug 21, 1991 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Rena Summer Rose
(F) AKC DL76077203, Oct 29, 1998 Black, Tan
(S) Pilgrim's Big Jake   (D) Morgan Creek's Callula
Moli Koz-Mar
(F) AKC DL76462501 3-00, May 16, 1995 Black
(S)   (D)
Rekka z Westwood
(F) AKC DL84031307, Apr 27, 2000 Black
(S) Olymp Policia   (D) Moli Koz-Mar
Montana Skye's Star
(F) AKC DL85277505 9-02, Sep 27, 2000 Black, Red
(S)   (D)
Wynthea's Redd Baron CD NA
(M) AKC DL66841201 5-03, Dec 30, 1996 Black, Tan
(S)   (D)
Reiner von Braunhous
(M) AKC DN02332304, Mar 2, 2003 Black, Red
(S) Wynthea's Redd Baron   (D) Montana Skye's Star
Reighn Nevaeh Morrisey
(F) AKC DL91567203, Nov 15, 2002 Black, Tan
(S) Schindler Thor Mullen   (D) Graffs Lady Heidi
Dakota Trae of Jatz
(F) AKC DL77109701 2-01, Dec 7, 1998 Black
(S)   (D)
Regen Forest
(F) AKC DL85575002, Nov 4, 2000 Black, Red
(S) Donnerwetter vom Huldenbrandt   (D) Dakota Trae of Jatz
Regalwise Regina v Surefire OFA
(F) AKC DN03353603, Jan 9, 2003 White
(S) Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi   (D) Royal Nala-Pride Of Surefire
Regalwise Own Southern Belle OFA
(F) AKC DL90015907, Dec 10, 2001 White
(S) Regalwise Jeromeo   (D) Juel's Lady Gabagail
Regalwise Monte-Rae OFA
(F) AKC DL89932606, Nov 26, 2001 Black
(S) Regalwise Jeromeo   (D) Regalwise True Silver v Royalair

The German Shepherd Gene Study tracks the recessive "masking" white
and recessive black genes forward through the generations.

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent. Often, it is impossible to determine which two alleles of a gene are present within an dog's chromosomes based solely on the outward appearance of that dog. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by, can still be passed on to that dog's offspring and expressed in a later generation.

German Shepherds can carry one or both of the recessive white "masking" and/or the recessive black gene.

(A masking gene masks the real color and pattern of the dog. The only way the gene can be expressed in some of the offspring is if both parents carry it. For example, when a white dog is bred to a non-white dog that does not carry the white gene, none of the offspring will express the white coat but they will be carriers of the white gene. If those offspring are bred to a white, some of their offspring will express the white coat color. White bred to white will always produce white offspring.)

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