Pedigree (Ancestors)

Sargeant's Silver Girl

AKC WA12300
Born: Jun 11, 1959
Color: Black, Silver
Breeder: Walter C Butcher

Sargeant of Bradley
May 26, 1957
AKC W817147
Black, Silver

Dec 28, 1953
AKC W753519
Black, Tan

Larry of Simsonia
Jul 28, 1948
AKC W113956
Black, Tan

Brinker of Simsonia
Oct 11, 1946
AKC W27386
Black, Tan
Blondie of Mansdorf
Jan 1, 1945
AKC W23256
Black, Silver
Maria von Brounhaus
Jan 10, 1952
AKC W514225
Black, Cream

Ch (US) 
Nocturne of Grettamarc

Oct 18, 1943
AKC A746620
Black, Tan
Brenda of Ayron

Jul 6, 1950
AKC W250096
Black, Tan
Freda von Recknagle
Mar 10, 1955
AKC W649182
Black, Tan

Duke Hiram of Madison Hill
Jun 25, 1952
AKC W369270 9-54
Black, Tan

Ceasar of Ilsedale
Nov 16, 1947
AKC W112664
Black, Cream
Betsy of Tercot
Dec 22, 1948
AKC W192077
Black, Cream
Bonnie Sheba Bentim
Mar 16, 1952
AKC W425244
Black, Brown

Shady Bend Tim
May 28, 1945
AKC W4108
Topaz Fang
Nov 2, 1947
AKC W83447
Black, Silver, Cream
Sergeant's Lady
Jun 18, 1958
AKC W930199
Black, Grey

Falko von der Polizeidirektion Heidelberg
Sep 10, 1955
AKC W823546
Black, Grey, Tan

Perser vom Blasienberg

Mar 10, 1950
SZ 784878
Grey Dingy Mask

Uffo vom Blasienberg

Jul 26, 1947
SZ 647350
Black, Tan Markings
Bella von Löchgau

Jul 25, 1945
SZ 601359
Grey Dingy Mask
Bera von der Polizeidirektion Heidelberg
Oct 25, 1951
SZ 828156
Black, Grey-Tan Markings

Bero vom Kändelweg
Apr 28, 1949
SZ 733960
Black, Tan
Bella von der Wittmannshöh

Jun 28, 1946
SZ 615948
Black, Tan
Toni-Lee's Lady
Apr 8, 1957
AKC W832496
Grey, Black Mask

Sisbro Mountain King
Apr 23, 1952
AKC W344198

Pfeffer of Barn-Mil
May 31, 1950
AKC W242713
Black, Cream
Margo von Flammang

Nov 18, 1946
AKC W63102
Black, Cream
Washburn's Gray Lady
Nov 28, 1950
AKC W642151
Grey, Black Muzzle

Bruce of Harvine
Oct 26, 1948
AKC W112790
Black, Silver
Flicka IV
May 1, 1947
AKC W69677
Legend for German Shepherd Gene Study
  White Carrier
  Black Carrier
  Blue Carrier
  Liver Carrier

The German Shepherd Gene Study tracks the recessive "masking" white
and recessive black genes forward through the generations.

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent. Often, it is impossible to determine which two alleles of a gene are present within an dog's chromosomes based solely on the outward appearance of that dog. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by, can still be passed on to that dog's offspring and expressed in a later generation.

German Shepherds can carry one or both of the recessive white "masking" and/or the recessive black gene.

(A masking gene masks the real color and pattern of the dog. The only way the gene can be expressed in some of the offspring is if both parents carry it. For example, when a white dog is bred to a non-white dog that does not carry the white gene, none of the offspring will express the white coat but they will be carriers of the white gene. If those offspring are bred to a white, some of their offspring will express the white coat color. White bred to white will always produce white offspring.)

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